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Chapter 21: Nangong Miao's mother and daughter are lost

  Chapter 21 Nangong Miao Mother and Daughter Lost

   But when they reached the gate of the city, everyone stopped and started talking.

   "Great, there is no soldier guarding Hanshui City. Now we can save the entrance fee and go shopping inside."

   "Yeah, the cities I passed by before had to be too expensive to enter the city, I really can't bear it."

   "But don't you think it's a little strange?"

   "Strange what?"

   "Look, when we stood at the door for a long time, we didn't see anyone in sight."

   "Is this city an empty city like that uninhabited village?"

  Zhou Lizheng suddenly looked at Nangong Anshan and asked, "Ashan, do you think we should go in?"

   Nangong Anshan asked Boy Tai Le, if they walked together, there would be no danger inside, and asked, "Would it be faster to reach Li Wang's fief after passing through this city?"


   "Then go in, but you can't leave an order, it will be dangerous."

  Zhou Lizheng nodded, turned his head and said: "Everyone follow, let's go in together. If it's an empty city, we'll use the excuse. If there are still people doing business inside, we'll buy some more food."

   All OK.

   A group of people moved to Hanshui City one after another.

  After entering, the shops on both sides of the street were actually open. After some people entered, they saw that the shelves inside were all empty, as if they had been looted.

  Zhou Lizheng urged with a serious expression: "Everyone, hurry up, this place has probably just been ransacked by bandits or rebels, it's not safe to stay here, let's hurry up."

   Nangong Anshan said: "Grandpa Lizheng, don't worry, we will be fine."

   "Why do you think so?"

   "We have a lot of people. If there are bad people, it is estimated that there are not as many people as us. Otherwise, they would have been eyeing us when they came in."

  Zhou Lizheng breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words, but he still didn't slow down. He felt that it would be better to leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible.

   And the fact is just as Boy Tai Le said, they did not encounter any danger until they left the city gate.

   Just when everyone was rejoicing that they got out of Hanshui City safely, Qiu suddenly yelled loudly, "Yingying, where are you? A Miao, where are you? You mother and daughter, don't scare me."

  Zhou Lizheng went over and asked, "Mr. Qiu, what happened to them?"

  Qiu said anxiously: "My second daughter Nangong Miao and my little granddaughter Dai Yingying were still with me when they entered the city, but I don't know why they are gone when they leave the city."

  Zhou Li was looking at the others, and said loudly, "Have you seen the two of them?"

  One person said: "I saw it. They saw the door of a jewelry store was ajar, so they ran over there."

  Zhou Lizheng suddenly became angry, "Nonsense! You are still so greedy for money at this time, it really doesn't matter."

  Qiu's face begged: "Zhou Lizheng, please send a few people in to find my daughter and granddaughter, I'm afraid they may encounter some danger."

Nangong Anshan said: "No, everyone has experienced how tense the atmosphere was in the city just now, maybe there are still people inside, just now we were fine because of the large number of us, if only a few people were allowed in, it would definitely be dangerous .”

  A few well-meaning people originally wanted to open their mouths to find someone, but when they heard what she said, they gave up immediately.

   "Ashan is right," Nangong Sheng said, "We have a lot of people, so the danger didn't come to us. If there are too few people going in, there will definitely be danger."

  Qiu suddenly became angry, "You guys, why are you so vicious, they are your relatives, how can you say such heartless words?"

"Hmph." Nangong Anshan taunted: "I should tell you this. I lost my brothers and sisters that day. A Niang and my brothers begged you to find us, but what did you say? Do you want me? Repeat it for you?"

  Qiu suddenly choked, thought for a while, and said: "At that time, I knew that you would not be able to find them back, so I didn't want everyone to waste their efforts."

   Nangong Anshan said: "In this case, why do you ask us to find two people who betrayed me and my brothers and sisters? For those two vicious people, to pay for everyone's lives, do you think we are fools?"

Qiu couldn't say no to Nangong Anshan, so she had to go to see Zhou Lizheng, begging bitterly: "Zhou Lizheng, the two of them are my lifeblood, please send someone to save them, don't many people have knives Is it? Just let the one with the knife go in."

  Zhou Li was thinking for a while, and said loudly: "Would everyone be willing to save the mother and daughter?"

   "If you don't save them, their lives are their lives, and our lives are also our lives. I don't want my man to take risks for such a vicious person."

   "I also agree not to save them, who made them so greedy for money, I don't want my man to take risks for other women."

   "I agree too."

"Me too…"


  Zhou Li was looking at Qiu Shi, "You saw it too, if everyone is unwilling, then I can't help it. If they don't go, I can't force them to go."

  Qiu burst into tears, "Lizheng, please. They went to the jewelry store, maybe they can find the jewelry. I'll let them share it with everyone, how about it?"

   Some people were suddenly moved.

   Nangong Anshan said: "Don't you have a lot of people in your own family? For example, your grandchildren, your sons-in-law, and third uncle Nangong Hong. He is also a man. Why don't you let them find him?"

  Mr. Qiu said without thinking: "They went in, if something happens, what should we do!"

  As soon as her voice fell, everyone looked at her meaningfully.

   Those who moved their minds, gave up again.

  Lizheng's wife, Mrs. Zhao, said with contempt on her face: "My own children are reluctant to let them take risks, but you actually want other people's children to take risks for your children. How can there be such a brazen person like you in this world!"

   After speaking, she looked at her husband, "Let's set off immediately."

  The villagers spoke one after another:

   "Yes, let's go now."

   "Don't waste time."

   "The rogues have only come here, maybe they haven't gone far, let's go quickly."


   Seeing that most of the villagers supported leaving immediately, Zhou Li said to Qiu Shi: "If you want to find them, go find them yourself. Let's go first."

   After speaking, he took the lead and walked ahead.

  Seeing that everyone had left, Mrs. Qiu stomped her feet angrily, glanced at the gate of the city, then at her family members, gritted her teeth and said, "Let's go in and look for it ourselves."

  Her third son Nangong Hong said: "I won't go, there must be danger inside, otherwise they wouldn't come out now, I don't want to die because of them."

   After finishing speaking, he took his family to chase Lizheng together.

  (end of this chapter)

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