Rebirth Space Little Fierce Girl

Chapter 29: Big Meatloaf

  Chapter 29 Big Meatloaf

   Seeing that Zhou Lizheng was silent, Mrs. Qiu said anxiously: "I'm just such a valuable treasure, there is really nothing more valuable."

  Zhou Li was looking at the crowd and said loudly, "What do you think?"

   "Well, anyway, we are fine now, since they are willing to buy food for us, then we can accept them to stay."

   "I agree too, I won't make trouble with food."

   "Me too, with food, we can starve less."


  For a while, most of the people were in favor of the three of them staying.

  Seeing this, Nangong Anshan snorted. Even if they were lucky this time, they might not be so lucky next time.

   In this way, the three grandparents and grandchildren of the Qiu family stayed.

   Nangong Anshan saw that there was no good show, so she asked Cao Zhenya and Wei Zhongshan to take care of her family, and went to look for food with a basket on her back.

  Her merit value has reached ten now, and she can exchange for more food.

  Thinking of her piece of land, she quietly entered the space, planted the stems of the money grass that had grown up last time, and then filled the basket with food and left the space.

Just as he was about to go back, Boy Tai Le suddenly said: "There are several herbal plants not far away, named goldenrod, plant them in the space, and divide them when they grow to a certain point, and sell them after harvesting. Keep it to yourself You can use it, you are a medical student, you should know what it is useful for.”

   "I know that it has the effect of dispelling wind and heat, detoxifying and reducing swelling. It is excellent for treating wind-heat cold, headache, and poisonous snake bites."

   As she spoke, she planted those goldenrods in the space.

On the way back to the cave, Nangong Miao was holding some wild vegetables in her hand. Seeing that Nangong Anshan's back basket was full, she stepped forward to stop her, "Hey, what did you find in it for food? Share it with me. "

  Nangong Anshan said coldly: "Get lost!"

   "You! If you don't give it, I won't leave. I don't believe that you really dare to do anything to me."

   "Nangong Miao, don't provoke me again, or I will make everyone aware of your loss of virginity in Hanshui City. I will see how you behave when the time comes."

  Nangong Miao's face changed, and she hurriedly looked to the side, seeing that no one else heard her, she was relieved, and said fearfully, "You...don't talk nonsense."

   Nangong Anshan said: "I'm not talking nonsense, I just saw that you have a lot of bruises on your arms, which probably fell when you were struggling."

  Nangong Miao rolled up her sleeves and took a look at her arm. As expected, she saw a lot of bruises on her arm, and her face suddenly turned pale.

Nangong Anshan said again: "Actually, I guessed it just now, but as soon as I said it, looking at your appearance, I knew what I said was true. When the Qiu family troubles me in the future, you'd better persuade me Be careful, your daughter is not married yet, if she has a mother who lost her virginity, or she has also lost her virginity..."

  Then their lives are over.

   Nangong Miao's complexion became even paler.

"Okay, I'll stop here." Nangong Anshan said: "You'd better do what I say, or you will know the consequences yourself. By the way, don't think about getting rid of me once and for all. Tell another person in the village, as long as something happens to me or my family, your secret will be spread all over the world, you can weigh it yourself."

  After speaking, she bypassed Nangong Miao and walked towards the cave where she lived.

   Nangong Miao stomped her feet sullenly, she will be controlled by this **** girl for the rest of her life.

  Nangong Anshan returned to the cave and took out the things in the back basket one by one.

  The first thing is a bunch of wrapped with large leaves.

  Nangong Sheng opened the leaves and asked suspiciously: "What is this?"

   "This is wild yam. It's delicious and nutritious. I've already peeled it and washed it. I'll just cut it up and put it in a pot to cook."

  Nan Gongsheng asked doubtfully, "Can this be eaten?"


  Nan Gongsheng opened another thing wrapped in cloth, saw the thing in front of him, and asked in surprise, "What is this?"

   "This is a Hanamaki, similar to steamed buns, but with a little seasoning on top."

  After Nangong Anshan finished speaking, she opened another thing wrapped in leaves, revealing the big meatloaf inside.

   Seeing this, everyone quickly looked at the entrance of the cave, and seeing that there was no one at the entrance, Nangong Sheng quickly covered the meatloaf with leaves.

  Yang Ruolan whispered: "Where did you come from?"

Nangong Anshan said with a mysterious face: "It was still given to me by the person I saved, and I don't know why that young man is here. As soon as she saw that I was looking for food again, she gave this to me gone."

  Yang Ruolan said: "That boy is really nice."

   "Yes, I think so too." Nangong Anshan said: "The grace of saving lives is greater than the sky, but it is just some food, which is nothing compared to his life. Let's eat it quickly."

   As she spoke, she gave everyone two big patties.

  Cao's mother and daughter and Yu's mother and son, she plans to find a chance for them.

   Nangong Sheng took it and didn't eat it for the time being. Instead, he wrapped it with leaves first, cut the yam into pieces and boiled it.

   After he finished his work, he began to eat.

   After eating, everyone's eyes widened and they began to praise in a low voice.

"too delicious."

   "A lot of meat."

   "Thin skin and plenty of meat, delicious."


   Soon, everyone ate up the two big patties, even the smaller children.

  Nangong Anshan distributed the flower rolls to everyone again.

   "This Hanamaki is also delicious."

   "It's really delicious."

   "It's better than steamed buns."


   Nangong Anshan sprinkled salt in the yam again, intending to serve a bowl for everyone.

   Nangong Cheng said: "Sister, I'm full, so I won't eat, I'm sleepy."

   Nangong Mo said: "Sister, me too."

   Nangong Yao said: "I'm sleepy too."

  Nangong Anshan didn't force them and told them to go to bed, but she served a bowl for everyone else.

  Although only salt was added, everyone ate with relish.

  When Li Ergou passed by their cave, he saw Nangong Anshan's family eating something he hadn't seen before, so he planned to go up and take a closer look.

  After entering, he smelled a smell of meat, and he was immediately unhappy, "Are you eating meat again?"

   Nangong Anshan said: "Meat? Which eye of yours sees that we have meat here?"

  Li Ergou said: "I just smelled meat, and you are eating meat behind our backs."

Nangong Anshan rolled her eyes, "So what if we ate meat? Li Ergou, Zhou Lizheng doesn't care about me, what right do you have to control me? Don't forget, I saved your life last night and let you There is food to share. If you come to trouble me again, I will ask Lizheng not to give you any food in the future."

  (end of this chapter)

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