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Chapter 94: inquire about

  Chapter 94 Inquiry

   Nangong Anshan was sitting next to Shopkeeper Zhuang's counter, and saw people looking for Shopkeeper Zhuang one after another.

  Tai Le Tongzi said: "Helping Qinglong Kingdom change its lifestyle and improve its quality of life will add one merit and one drop of Holy Spirit Water, and the total merit value will be twenty-four."

   Nangong Anshan smiled immediately, not bad.


   Nangong Anshan's spiritual consciousness entered the space, and suddenly asked: "Didn't I grow a lot of fruits in the space before? You said that those can be used for merit, why is my total merit value still only twenty-four?"

Boy Tai Le said: "The merits you accumulate by doing good deeds are different from the merits you get from harvesting fruits. The merits of harvesting fruits can only offset the merits deducted from your advance payment, or it is not enough to exchange your merits. Items you want at the time."

"…All right."

  She seems to have been tricked again.

  Nangong Anshan came out of the space with her consciousness, and she saw customer A coming forward and said: "Master Zhuang, today's dishes are really good, have you changed cooks?"

   Shopkeeper Zhuang said with a smile: "No, the cooks are still those cooks, but we have a new way of cooking."

   "So it's because there's oil in those dishes?"

   Shopkeeper Zhuang said with a smile: "Yes, are you satisfied with what the guest eats?"

Guest A said: "Satisfied, of course I am satisfied. Today's dishes are really full of oil. I just want to ask, what kind of oil is that, how can it make the dishes so delicious? Also, I I saw strange seasonings in some dishes, what are those seasonings? I've never seen them before."

   Shopkeeper Zhuang apologized: "Guest officer, I'm sorry, these questions involve the secrets of this restaurant. I can't say what those seasonings are for now, but the reason why the dishes are delicious today is indeed because of those oils."

   "Where did you get that oil?"

   "Those oils are produced in the workshop opened by His Royal Highness Li Wang in Liuye Village. There are several kinds of oils. If you are interested, you can buy them."

  Guest A said: "It turned out to be produced in the workshop of His Royal Highness Li Wang, thank you shopkeeper for letting me know."

   "Guest officer, walk slowly."

   One after another, many customers came forward to inquire, and the shopkeeper Zhuang took the trouble to answer, and finally led them all to Liuye Village to buy.

Seeing that many people left in a hurry, Lin Zhishen said, "Xiaodong, there must be many people who have gone to our village to buy oil. Don't you go back and have a look? Didn't you say that oil is dangerous? Why don't you go back and tell those Anyone who bought it?"

  Nangong Anshan said: "No, I will do what I promised to shopkeeper Zhuang. I will still watch in the kitchen at night."

   "My second brother basically watches every time I cook, and I have taught him a lot. With him around, I am very relieved that he will also give instructions."

   "Okay." Lin Zhishen didn't say anything after hearing the words.

  Ashan is really different from before.

  He has also heard about the fact that God suddenly gave her supernatural power. It seems that having supernatural power has made her a lot more confident.

  Nangong Anshan asked the two of them to find something to do by themselves, or go out for a walk, while she went to the kitchen to supervise.

  The shopkeeper Zhuang thought that today's business would be the same as before, and there would be no customers after noon.

   Unexpectedly, the time has come, and the number of customers has not decreased at all. Many of them were introduced by the guests who came to eat just now.

   Shopkeeper Zhuang rushed to the kitchen and asked the cook, "Is there enough oil for today?"

The cook said: "It's enough. Fortunately, you bought a hundred catties of oil at one time. So far, you have used twenty or thirty catties. It's just that the cooked vegetables are not enough. I have already sent someone to start processing the vegetables to be used in the evening." Yes. Shopkeeper, we are using the dishes we need to use tonight, so you can send someone to urge the person who delivered the vegetables, and deliver the vegetables to be used tomorrow, otherwise there will be no food available tonight."

   Shopkeeper Zhuang hurriedly said: "Okay, I'll send someone to remind me right away."

   In this way, no guests came to Yuquan Building until the end of time.

  Up and down the Yuquan building, I have never been so tired in my life.

  The shopkeeper Zhuang didn't feel tired at all. Looking at the ledger in his hand, and then at the silver and bank notes in the drawer, he couldn't see his eyes from laughing.

   Nangong Anshan stepped forward and said with a smile: "Master Zhuang, I'm not wrong, is this oil very popular? Is it not harming you to ask you to buy a hundred catties of oil at a time?"

   Shopkeeper Zhuang also smiled and said: "Yes, thanks to Miss Nangong, I will rely on you for my family's business in the future."

   "It's okay, we have a good cooperation."

   "Yes, happy cooperation."

  At night, Nangong Anshan returned home before the city gate was closed after working as a supervisor in the kitchen.

  When there was no business in Yuquan Building in the afternoon, she also went to buy some bedding and came back.

  She has space, and it's really inconvenient to sleep with her little sister all the time, so it's better to sleep separately.

  Of course, she dismissed the Lin brothers in the afternoon, found a place and put a lot of raw materials needed for oil extraction into the carriage.

  Just as soon as she got home, she saw Nangong Yao sitting at the door dozing off.

   Nangong Anshan got out of the carriage and asked, "Ayao, why did you fall asleep here?"

   Nangong Yao woke up immediately when she heard the voice, and saw her sister came back, excitedly said: "Sister, you are back."

   "Why are you here alone?"

   "My brothers all went to the workshop to help. They said it was dangerous there and we couldn't help much, so they asked me, my fourth brother and my fifth brother to come back first."

   "What about your fourth and fifth brothers?"

   "They're preparing something for dinner."

   "What? You haven't had dinner yet?"

   "No, there are always customers asking for oil at the entrance of the workshop, and the second and third brothers are always there."

Nangong Anshan went back to the carriage, actually took out two bags of big meat buns from the space, stuffed one of them into her sister's arms, and said: "Take it and eat it with your family first, I'll go to the workshop Help, and send them a bag by the way."

   Nangong Yao smelled the smell of big meat buns, and she was overjoyed, "Thank you, sister."

   After she finished speaking, she ran into the house in a hurry.

  After Nangong Anshan led the carriage in, she quickly walked towards the workshop.

  When she arrived, there was still a long queue of people in front of the workshop.

   It seems that she went to the Yuquan Tower rightly, and the advertisement was typed out without much effort on her part.

   The important workshop area is forbidden to enter by idlers, even guests.

  When the workshop was first built, a long corridor was built at the entrance to facilitate the waiting of guests.

  There are also two small windows on the wall next to the gate, one is for customers to purchase and register, and the other is for customers to wait for oil.

  (end of this chapter)

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