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Chapter 13: The Leveling Freak Evolves Into Shopping Freak!

「Welcome, welcome…… What kind of armor would you like?」

I guess if there would be someone in this game that would scream “I need some armor ASAP!” that would certainly be me at the moment.

So the armor shop clerk NPC asked me that with a huge smile on his face.

What an amazing AI…… It seems that this game could sell this technology to the military without any problem, or even end humanity if they wanted to. (TL Note: Is that a SkyNet reference?)

「Please show me what you got.」

「Take a look.」

He hands me a piece of parchment…… In the next moment a window pops up, displaying all of the items that were on sale here, accompanied by their short descriptions.

· Snake Leather Armor Set (Pieces can be bought separately): 12 000 mani
· Chain Mail Armor Set (Pieces can be bought separately): 6000 mani
· Robes of the Black Arts (Cannot be bought separately): 9000 mani
· White Laboratory Coat (Cannot be bought separately): 9000 mani
· Leather Armor Set (Cannot be bought separately): 4000 mani

「Please give me the Leather Armor Set.」

「Sure thing. Please wait a moment.」

The price was the most deciding factor here, I won’t lie.

Rather than defenses, I wanted to have some clothes on so that people wouldn’t take me for some kind of pervert that enjoys strolling around the city while wearing almost nothing.

Thinking about that now, that kind of situation would be far worse than suddenly being attacked from all sides by monsters.

But on the other hand….. The Snake Leather Set and Chainmail Set both seemed like heavy armor which would probably have negative modifications for my Agility stat, and both Black Arts Robe and Lab Coat seemed like a magical equipment to me. Putting the price and looks aside, they would be next to useless for me.

So in the end, Leather Armor was my only choice here.

「Sorry for the wait.」

「No problem. Here’s the money.」

「Thanks for your patronage! Now, if you happen to damage your armor out there, we will fix it for a small fee that is according to the damage sustained.」

I decided to equip it on the spot…… Oh, it even comes with its own separate headpiece? And from the looks of it wasn’t half bad.

…… Nah, I don’t mind being a bird-mask for a little while longer.

· Leather Mask
A simple mask made out of the leather of the Mud Frog living in the swamps to the West. Minimalistic in design and focuses on protecting the wearer’s face.
Be careful, as it can mess up your hair and overall appearance.

· Leather Vest
A simple vest made out of the leather of the Mud Frog living in the swamps to the West. Can withstand both slashing and striking damage to some extent.
Can be a somewhat tight fit, which is a matter of preference.

· Leather Belt
A simple belt made out of the leather of the Mud Frog living in the swamps to the West. Since it is made out of leather from the frog’s back, it is resistant to piercing damage.
Put this around your waist and squeeze! The tighter the better!

· Leather Pants
A simple trousers made out of the leather of the Mud Frog living in the swamps to the West. Comfy and easy to move in.
Its defenses are rather small in comparison to the rest of the leather set.

Oh well, for now I was happy to get something to wear, so that people wouldn’t give me any funny looks and tried to report me as a pervert or other things like that.

Now that I was wearing them, they kind of resembled a full-on body suit or a diver suit that you sometimes see in movies.

According to the item description, it was a deliberate design so that the armor could provide both defenses and ease of movements.

「Yeah, let’s not go with that mask.」

If I was a suspicious person wearing a bird mask, I could somehow live with that, since the people would eventually grow accustomed to it and stop making that big of a deal out of it. However, with that leather mask I would look more like a gimp or a bank robber, and if that would stick to me, I would probably die out of embarrassment.

Now, next on the to-do list is the weapon shop. I was hoping I could get some decent main weapon there, one that would serve as the replacement of the double mercenary blades that I lost.

The dual blades from the Vorpal Bunny, the ones I used to beat Orochi, I decided to keep them stocked away as a trump card of sorts against the future bosses.

It seems that dual wielding weapons was wearing them down relatively fast, so it would be a complete waste to use them on small fries like that.

「Ah? Are you buying unused weapons from people?」

「Well, yes indeed, unless it’s something other than primitive stone tools…… What are you selling?」


Although it was listed as a weapon, I was pretty much sure that the Goblin Hatchet would be nothing more than garbage. Would they even consider buying it off of me?

More importantly, would anyone be interested in buying such a trash weapon from them?

Just like in the armor shop, the clerk handed me a piece of parchment and a window appeared.

「Oh my, looks like we are not dealing with those.」

However, even though they had a dual-wielding column here, there was no weapon that could be purchased from it.

Does that mean there was nothing I could do here? Oh well, looks like the only choice left for me would be to attack the next area armed with nothing but the goblin hatchets…… Ah, I see.

Now that I think about it, Mercenary Blades weren’t a single, dual weapon, but rather a pair of single weapons.

It was just me who treated them as a single item from the very beginning.

Thinking calmly, Goblin Hatchets were described as two handed weapons alright.

「Daggers, daggers, let’s see…… Hmm……」


It was neither good nor bad, but it was rather decent for something that you could buy in the second city of the game.

No, no, no, so would this mean that the knives I got as a rare drop are more powerful than I would have imagined?

「Oh, if there isn’t anything that strikes your fancy in our inventory, you can just bring us some raw materials and we can make a weapon out of them for you.」

「Oh, really?」

Now that sounded like a sweet deal.

The NPCs of ShangriLa Frontier use highly advanced AI in their algorithms, so it is no exaggeration to say that they are almost like normal humans, except that they don’t have physical bodies.

Rather, the game developers are all crazy geniuses, ones that try to squeeze as much cutting-edge technology into their product as they possibly can. However, since their anti-hacking protocols are cutting-edge as well, ShanFro has never been hacked by evil people…… yet.

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