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Chapter 23: The Bunny Father Ruler And a Half-Naked Human

「Fa…… I mean, Kashira-sama! I have brought you a human with a soul of a true Vorpal Bunny!」

「Ah, Emul. That’s good to hear.

This place was not what I expected it to be. I was expecting the Western-style throne room, but instead I got a strange variation of a Japanese-style room with a floor covered with tatami mats. A huge amount of female bunnies here were giving the place a somewhat harem-like vibe, but the bunny that was at the center of the room felt quite powerful. Not as powerful as the Night Prowler, mind you.

Unlike other bunnies it was the size of a human being, but its round eyes and fluffy white fur all over its body were heavily contrasting with is baritone voice. It also had quite a lot of scars all over its body, which was making him feel quite powerful and intimidating. However, I could also feel that he was really wise and understanding.

「My name is Weissash. I am currently the ruler of all bunnies in this country.」

Weissash smiles as he says that. Even for ShanFro, which was rooted in medieval-type fantasy, he seemed extremely out of place…… Not to mention that for a poor herbivore he looked rather carnivorous right now.

「I heard that you managed to put up quite a fight against that black puppy and that you were even marked by him? You must possess a true Vorpal soul inside of you.」

They kept on speaking about that Vorpal soul thingy, but could somebody please explain to me what it actually is?

「Maybe if my warriors were training as diligently as you they would have the same kind of Vorpal soul in them, but I guess there’s nothing that can be done about it now. That being said, would you be willing to train my soldiers?」


So in short, was this supposed to be a training-type quest? If so, I am really looking forward to seeing just what kind of reward I am going to get for clearing it. But to be suddenly asked by the ruler himself to train his soldiers…… That’s right.

「I have no real reason to refuse your request, so if you are fine with someone like me then I’ll gladly help.」

I said that as politely as I could white bending my knee in front of the king, upon seeing that he was so shocked that he dropped down every single carrot that he was holding in his hands and had been eating one by one up until now.

「Uhahahahahahahahaha! This is just golden! I see, that’s right! That is exactly right! So you are going to help us in our plea? Wonderful! Uhahahahahahahahaha!!」

Judging by the dialogue probably nothing would have happened if I were to be disrespectful towards him, but his tone of voice right now was no mockery either. Rather, it was a pure joy combined with praise for my politeness.

「I like your attitude! I really like your attitude right there! You can call me Weissash! I’ll allow it, since you managed to pique my interest!」

「Y, yeah…… Yeah.」

Apparently I managed to get on the ruler’s good side…… Which was a good thing, I guess? I wonder if there’s going to be some bonus EXP for that, or is it going to go unnoticed, just like in any other shitty game?

「Emul! You are the one who found this interesting guy? Great! Now continue to assist him in any way possible!」

「Eh? Ah, y-yes! I shall do my very best!」

This Weissash guy…… Honesty, I had a hard time describing my feelings about being assisted by the bunny, but oh well. Although I don’t like companions like that maybe him being there will unlock some hidden options during this quest? You never know.

For now, the condition for clearing this quest seemed to be as follows: to train some people to become stronger and to get rid of some strong opponents. I shall also see if this quest is intended for low-level or high-level players, because that is going to be important.

「Sanraku! Sanraku! Sanraku! I will show you around the Bunny Court! Please follow me!」

「Hm? Ah, yeah, right.」

「On that note, this is the training field on which you can train to improve your Vorpal power!」


It was a field were a bunch of bunnies were training landing their critical hits with various weapons on straw scarecrows. Long story short, it was one giant mess of a training field.

Most of their weapons were kitchen knives and small daggers, but there were also bunnies that tried to smash the scarecrows heads with giant sledgehammers.

(Does that mean there are Vorpal Bunnies like that further into the game……?)

But it didn’t end on just the sledgehammers. There were also spiked maces, floorboards with rusted nails sticking out of them, sawblades…… a whole bunch of weapons taken straight out of a horror movie. And seeing such cute bunnies carrying such weapons was a grotesque sight indeed.

「His Majesty always complains that our warriors look really weak, even though they are ferocious Vorpal Bunnies. That’s why I want you to train them so that they could all eventually take on a dragon all on their own!」

「That’s kinda like forcing low-level players to take on a Grim Reaper (TL Note: Not if you take it on during the Flu season, hi there Persona 5 fans!)…… Uwah, what’s that? Scary.」

That huge trap seems like a device out of a survival horror game…… and is that a pressure plate? And spikes!? It’s kind of a double-edged sword, but it looks so cool! I want it!

「Are you interested in that particular device, Sanraku-san? It is indeed quite powerful, but in order for you to use it properly you need quite a bit of skill.」

「Seriously? So that would require you to become a Trapper or something like that?」

Or maybe not? Maybe my high luck could compensate for the lack of actual skill?

I am yet to get any rewards from this quest, but I already get the feeling that I am going to benefit from doing it quite a bit.

Favorability of the NPCs is a really important matter. If their affection is high enough, one can obtain additional information during the dialogues, or even the NPCs can go out of their way to collect information for the player.

Many information shops run by the players contain information gathered from various NPCs.

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