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Chapter 41: Remnants of the Age of the Gods, Delusions of a Loser

My second opponent, Parasite Tentacle.

Although it looked like a bear, it was an amalgamation of tentacles focused together, and the tentacles moved independently of the bear. Also, if you cut them off they would just regenerate. Avoiding them was such a drag, as it was taking a whole lot of time. So far I attempted this challenge four times before eventually completing it.

Third Battle, Goblin Berserker

I could say something elaborate here, but this sentence sums it up nicely: it was just a really strong goblin. But even though it was strong, it was weaker than the Hounds and the Parasite. Two attempts and I was done with it.

Fourth Battle, DynaBoar.

It wasn’t the fact that it was able to create an explosion once it hit you up front that was strange. What was strange was its stamina bar. I took my time to count, and strangely enough it was able to continuously charge at me for about twenty seconds or more without stopping, not even for a moment. I have never done rodeo before and if that’s how it looks I don’t want to do it ever either. One attempt.

Fifth Battle, Toxic Eagle.

You. FUCK. YOU. Like, seriously. FUCK YOU. Thirty two attempts.

Sixth Battle, Armored Larva.

Compared to the God damn eagle that just wouldn’t stop attacking me from above where my attacks wouldn’t reach and keep on afflicting me with poison, this battle was relatively easy. You just had to whack its armor really hard in the same place until it eventually started to fall off. That, and you had to be focused at all times since its attacks were really painful if you let them connect. Altogether a really amusing fight. One attempt.

For dinner I ate some salmon in tempura and rice.

Seventh Battle, EX Cute Panther.

Aside from being fast and strong, it wasn’t that difficult of a fight. Once I realized that it liked to attack its opponent from behind, it was all smooth sailing from there. Didn’t even break a sweat. One attempt.

Eight Battle, Two-Headed Tiger.

Neither good nor bad. Just strong. Two attempts.

Ninth Battle, Beta Golem Unit S2.

Assuming that its right arm is A and its left arm is B, there is little to no time lag or delay between continuous attacks using the same arm. However, once it was about to switch arms, its core would glow for just a moment or two. This was making it possible to predict its movements to some extent, but it wasn’t making the fight any less difficult, since it could attack really fast contrary to its massive appearance and its attacks were really strong. Not to mention its over the top defense stats. But it was also possible to run up its body using its arms and whack the armor around its core, exposing it completely after a while. The golem would then utilize a whole bunch of skills and spells to try to shake me off and regenerate its core, but it was really fun and really challenging, allowing with little room for error…… Overall seven attempts.

「Emul…… Last one, what is it……?」

「P, please wait!? Do you seriously want to try it immediately!? Why don’t you take a break first!?」

「No…… It’s alright…… I feel like I can do it right now…… I’m pumped……」

I call this state of mine “Lost Time”. Even though my spirit may be exhausted from the constant fighting, my body was more than ready to go. It was similar to a stat when your consciousness was out, but the body still kept on going on. It was an especially handy concept inside games like that, where the term of fatigue was pretty much non-existent.

All that fighting seemed to make me extremely tired, and once I finished that last round I felt as though I could drop onto the ground at any moment, but as I said, my body was still capable of going on, so I just nod my head at Emul.

In other words, unless the last monster of this course wasn’t something completely broken or over the top, I should probably be able to take it down.

「Right, the tenth match…… Oh? Why if it isn’t His Majesty Himself!」

「What’s this, already nine rounds over?」

Why do I feel like this line was some sort of an ominous flag? His Majesty the King appeared before us while chewing on some carrots, like any ordinary bunny should. He seemed impressed that I managed to clear nine matches so far.

「Umm, that’s right Your Majesty…… But the last monster is……」

「Ahh, so I came right in time for the fun stuff? Nice.」

He said something more to himself than to anyone in particular, which was slightly worrying, I’ll admit.

「The things we managed to capture…… Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were unable to defeat them as you are now.」

「I think so too……」

「Right, so maybe we shall change the rules of this last match a little bit? Cut you some slack?」

As he chewed on some more carrots, the King said to me:

「Try to survive for five minutes.」

「I see…… So you want to see if I can handle a battle of attrition as well……」

Then it appears right in front of me.

Its slightly elongated torso and four limbs were making it resemble a humanoid-type of monster to some extent.

It was wearing rags that must have been a robe at some point in the past, its cracked and destroyed hands were holding onto a staff which had long since passed its days of glory, and on the creature’s head there was something resembling a triangular hat. Only those things let me deduce that the creature must have been a human mage at some point in its life.

「What the hell…… Is this……?」

「Loser’s Woods…… Some of those idiots thought they could survive by fusing themselves with the trees.」

Now that you say it, this creature’s skin does look like it was made out of the dried tree bark. And its hair…… wasn’t actually hair, but overgrown roots……

「Now, boy, get yourself out there and show us…… Show us what you’re made of!」

Loser’s Woods, lv. 120.

At that time I had no idea that I was probably the first one on the server…… First one in the entire world to ever encounter that monster.

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