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Chapter 49: Sea of Trees Part 2

At that moment the Worker Bee pointed its stinger up and shot something from inside it into the sky. There was an explosion like that of fireworks, and then it changes into a cloud of golden dust that scatters around through the air. …… Was that pollen? Doesn’t really matter.

I do believe I have seen something like that somewhere before…… It was oddly similar to the signal flares that you could use in the various military games…… Illumination bullet……

「Kyaah! A group of Warrior Bees! Oh my God, we are all going to dieeeeee!!!」

Wasn’t that like, a really bad flag?

「They are even more aggressive than the Workers! Not even hornets can match them when it comes to aggression!」

As we can clearly see here, various types of bees from the real world were also present in this game as well.

The Workers manage to get away, but in their place came the Warrior Bees. Very hostile bees…… They looked more like wasps and we all know that wasps are really nasty sons of…… They buzzed with so much anger that it was really scary.

「Five of them…… No, if they can call for reinforcements, we must assume that there can always be more of them……」

「Sanraku-san! I will help you fight as well, alright!? Rather, if it’s in self defense I have no other choice!」

「Right. For starters, only deal with the ones that come directly at you. Should the need arise, I will give you new instructions.」

「R, Right!」

「Now, let’s get down to business.」

Clash! Although I had to depend on Emul again when it comes to battle, compared to the training missions I underwent before this shouldn’t be all that hard…… At least I was hoping that, since I have overcome much more powerful adversaries.

They weren’t as tough as the Hounds, but contrary to them they would continue to go after us even though their “commander” would be gone…… Six of them coming after me and two after Emul.


Bee #1 came with its stinger right at me, while Bee #2 tried to simply ram me with its body. I suspected those weren’t skills of any kind, just their regular attacks.

Bees #3 and #4 were still relatively far from me, so for the moment I decided to take care of the Bees that were closest to me. I drew my blades and slashed at them while intercepting their attacks. I also activated my Acceleration to make faster work of them.

I started with the back row of enemies first, and now it was time to take care of the front. I strike a few times at the bees and used some skills to make faster work of them.

「If you wanted to surprise us with your attacks you should have been more sneaky about it! I could hear you coming all the way from over there!」

It’s not like I possessed echo-sonar or something like that, but because the sound of the bees’ wings was so loud, I was able to tell their general location purely based on the sound they were emitting.

I started to rotate around, slashing at the bees without stopping, helping myself with some skills and continue to do that for as long as I had the stamina to keep doing it. I managed to land some good hits on the bees, even striking a few critical hits onto Bee #6.


By doing that I could even interrupt other skills at will. While Bee #6 exploded into a geyser of polygons, I catch a short break to regenerate my stamina. Right after that I check the position of those enemies that still remained.

#1 was behind me, #2 was to my left and #3 and #4 were now paying attention to Emul exclusively. It looks as though Emul was good at focusing aggro on himself, since his level was higher than mine. But since the Bees could call for reinforcements, their strength was in their numbers, not their individual strength. As for #5……

「Right then……」

I slash at it a few times and then #5 becomes nothing more but a polygon geyser. I didn’t even have to waste that much stamina on it.

Since their attack patterns were rather straightforward I use that occasion to lightly attack #1 and #2 to restore some of my stamina…… Yeah, the effect of Acceleration could last a little bit longer.

「Okay, so how about this!?」

I focus my attention on Bee #2 first. I unload a myriad of attacks onto it as it tries to come at me from the side. I’m not sure about the recommended level of monsters in this area, but if I had to guess I’d say that level 5 sounds about right.

Running through scattered polygons of #2 I slash away at #1. Alternating slashes and kicks I manage to turn the Bee #1 into red polygons in no time at all.

「Sorry to keep you waiting.」

Accelerator was about to go on cooldown, but I used its last remaining seconds to close the distance between me and the remaining monsters. With only them left on the field, I started to get rid of Bee #3 and Bee #4.

They both focus their attention on me and try to attack me at the same time! Heh, if you want to hit me, at least try to incorporate faints and dodges into your attacks! If you just blindly rush at me you will only end up getting yourselves stabbed! Not to mention that I will just avoid you and you’ll end up with nothing!

I technically could use skills to avoid their attacks, but right now there was no need for me to do so. I avoided them all on my own and then I slashed at them with some quick combos coming from the bottom all the way up.

「Haha! Bingo!」

Yes! Yes! Be afraid! You have every reason to be! Realizing that there was nothing they could possibly do to harm me and avoid getting damaged themselves, the Bees seemed to have almost completely given up. I strike at their bellies mercilessly, scoring critical hit after critical hit. Right now, it was hard for me not to land them with ease.

「End of recast time!」

Under the barrage of my attacks, Bee #4 goes down quickly. At that moment Bee #3 used that opportunity to land but a single successful attack on me, using the death of its brethren as a diversion.

「And just where did that came from……?」

Mumbling that to myself, I whack it with my dagger. And even though I did that, I felt a whole lot of pity for that Bee. It honestly did its best to try to kill me, and if only its stats were bigger, it might have succeeded at that. But nothing would come from pitying a mindless mob.

With that thought in my mind, I finally put the last Bee out of its misery and end the fight.

「Fuah, I’m beat.」

「No more! I don’t want to do this ever again!」

Hey, please don’t say that now…… No, no, no! Somehow, Emul’s gloom was affecting me as well!?

Even though I was thinking about such crap, together with Emul we still continued to fight the monsters and picking up the items they dropped.

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