Chapter 63: Momentary Thoughts Part 10 Part 1

「Now then…… Is this the place?」

「It sure is! This is the Rabbitz special Skill Combine establishment! We call it “Skill Garden!”」

After switching back and forth in between various other games, I finally decided to go back to ShanFro and asked Emul to guide me towards the facility that would allow me to combine my skills. It would be wise to get to know the place before delving into its services.

Because I was power-leveling like crazy, I managed to acquire some new skills and leveled up some of the already existing ones. Right about now some good deal of organizing and enhancement would be necessary for me to do. As a result of my power leveling, my current status is as follows:

PN: Sanraku

LV: 51 (5)

Class: Mercenary (Dual Wielding)

Money: 73,200 Mani

HP: 30

MP: 10

STM: 60

STR: 40

DEX: 50

AGI: 70

TEC: 55

VIT: 5

LUC: 74


・ Rush Slash → Infinite Stream

・ Spiral Edge → Drill Piercer

・ Knuckle Rush → Select

・ Slide Move → Skate Foot

・ Repel Counter → Parrying Protection

・ Loop Slash Lv.8

・ Edge Climb → Greater Climbing

・ Accel Lv.MAX

・ Leap → Five Leap

・ Quick Spin → Sharp Turn

・ Deerstep Lv.7

・ Drainer Lv.6

・ Slasher Lv.4

・ Oppressive Kick Lv.5

・ Piercing Armor Lv.3

・ Best Step

・ Fighting Spirit Lv.7

・ Unbreakable Lv.5

・ High Runner Lv.6

・ Naked Sense Lv.4

・ Hunger Impulse Lv.4


Left Hand: Empire Bee Sword

Right Hand: Empire Bee Sword

Head: Mask of Bird’s Eye (VIT + 1)

Torso: Curse of Luukan

Waist: Leather Belt (VIT + 4)

Feet: Curse of Luukan

Accessories: None

「Welp, but my defense is still as sh*tty as ever.」

It was no exaggeration to say that my defense was paper-thin. Not to mention that it was basically toilet paper-thin –– a single drop of water would be more than enough to tear a huge-ass hole in it. I didn’t obtain any new equipment and my Vitality was still but a single digit, so it was that much more depressing.

Anyways, giving up on the idea of increasing my Vitality for now I invested a point or two in Endurance, hoping that it would allow me to evade and dodge more prominently…… as well as swing my favorite weapons some more.

「I sure hope that this facility will prove to be useful, because this is slowly starting to shift from funny to messed up.」

Having a lot of useful skills was not bad in and of itself, but once that number was starting to get to nearly as many as thirty to forty, it would no longer be a laughing matter. In that case it would be necessary to cut off some side branches as to let the main bark of the tree grow healthy and strong, so to speak. Thinking about it that way, the name “Skill Garden” was more than accurate, although I think that “Skill Gardener” would fit even better here.

「There are few places like that around town, but this one is supposed to have better prices and line-up as well! But it’s a secret, so you didn’t hear that from me, ok?」

「Nice, very nice, I like secrets like that.」

After talking to an information broker in town together with Emul we were directed to a certain Skill Combine shop near the Bunny Court.

「Welcome, welcome, come on right in! Oh? Isn’t that Emul and the Bird-Head?」

「Is that the already established way of calling me around these parts?」

This gag was slowly becoming old as well…… But there was sadly no better head equipment for me to use there.

Once we entered the store, we were greeted by a gentle and warm voice that could only be described as an “Onee-san-like” voice. The Bunny that was behind the counter looked a whole lot like Emul, but she was giving this strong elder sister vibe there.

「Elk-onee-chan! Sanraku-san, this is my other sister, Elk-onee-chan! Together with Break-onee-chan we are triplets!」


「It’s a pleasure to meet you.」

Ah, I see. So Emul had not one, but two sisters? That’s actually surprising. While I was thinking that, Emul’s sister approached us from behind the counter…… Now would be a good time to bring the main subject of our visit here.

「Oh, that’s right, you can combine skills in here, right?」

「Yes, that’s right. I used to work here as a part-timer in the past but I was so good at my job that Daddy basically told me that I should be the one who’s in charge from now on.」

「Is, is that so?」

「S, Sanraku-san! Let’s not get sidetracked here! Once Onee-chan starts to talk about something, we can be here all day and won’t hear the end of it!」

Oops, that’s right. That was a close call.

「Well then, I would like to try to combine some of my skills.」

「Yes, certainly. Just tell me which ones you would like to combine?」

When Elk says that, a window popped up right in front of me. It was the list of all of my current skills. When you click at least two of them, you could see in advance just what kind of skill you would get and what its effect would be.

I see, so it was like that instead of having to gamble on the result. Hmm, let’s see…… Just click this and click on that and the result would be……

「Ohh, that’s right! I almost forgot to tell you! It’s better to combine two skills whose levels are high. That way you can get a new skill that will have even higher level than the ones that were used to make it.

「Fumu, fumu……」

If you say something like that to me, it will make me want to wait with combining them until their levels would hit max. When it comes to skills, they weren’t connected to the level of player so if I really wanted to I could even bring some of them to level sixty…… No, make that sixty five even! What to do, what to do?

Nah, I can’t be picky right now. Let’s just try to combine some of them together and see what the result will be.

「Well, I guess something like that is fine.」

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