Spectral Detective: In the Realm of the Dead

Spectral Detective: In the Realm of the Dead


4 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 61 days ago


In this world, bizarre cases happen every day.

The best selling steamed bun shop, its fillings are actually made of human flesh.

The posh mansion in a prime location, blood oozes from its walls.

The dead beauty queen in the university, claims a victim every anniversary of her death.

The legend of the zombie babies in Building 7 of the hospital, is it true or not?

China’s last coroner, using autopsy techniques passed down for three thousand years, takes you to the crime scene: There are no ghosts in this world, only skillful hands to redress injustice.

Serial killers, s*x addicts, blood sucking disorders, necrophiles, evil-eyed people, bizarre cases from the public security bureau, all decoded!

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