Lei Chaoqian's new house is still very lively. The teachers are eating candies, drinking sugar water and chatting here after working late at night. The scene is very lively.

Jiang Ming saw that there were many teachers talking in Lei Chaoqian's new house, so he went in embarrassedly. He came to the fifth grade classroom again.

Lei Chaoqian heard something moving outside and walked out. When he saw Jiang Ming walking towards the fifth grade classroom, he smiled and followed him to the fifth grade classroom.

"What's the matter, why don't you go in and sit down even though you're here? Lei Chaoqian asked.

Jiang Ming took out the key in his hand and handed it to Lei Chaoqian.

"Just take it, I don't need that dormitory now."Lei Chaoqian said with a half-smile.

Jiang Ming thought of the blood stains on the quilt, thought about it, and felt inconvenient to ask.

"What's wrong with you? Why do you feel so worried? Lei Chaoqian asked.

At this time, Jiang Ming asked:"Has Zeng Lanzhi been here?""

"It didn't come, it never came. Lei Chaoqian said seriously, and then asked:"You are so weird, why do you care about my cousin?""

Jiang Ming felt relaxed when he heard what Lei Chaoqian said.

Lei Chaoqian asked again:"What are you and Keyan planning?"

"We can't be together."Jiang Ming said,"It's impossible in the first place."

Lei Chaoqian froze there, motionless.

"What happened to you?"Jiang Ming asked

"You should have told me earlier. Lei Chaoqian yelled,"You told me earlier and I'll chase you.""

"real or fake?"Jiang Ming asked

"Don’t let the rich water flow to outsiders’ fields."Lei Chaoqian finally said with a smile.

"screw you."Jiang Ming slapped the table and shouted

"This is the age of money. Lei Chaoqian shook his head and said,"I wonder what you think?""

"You know that I have always regarded money as dirt," Jiang Ming vowed,"If I had to choose between money and love, I would definitely choose love. Lei

Chaoqian laughed and said,"I'm just the opposite of you. I choose money."

Jiang Ming asked curiously:"Why?""

"With money, you have everything," Lei Chaoqian continued,"Many things can be bought with money."

"Money can buy many things," Jiang Ming asked,"Can it buy feelings?"

"Yes, with money, the relationship between two people will be better."Lei Chaoqian said that he wanted to tell Jiang Ming the fact that money was important.

However, Jiang Ming did not think about this at all. He only wanted to find a girl with similar feelings, or a girl that he yearned for.

"Chen Keyan's family is rich, but their attitude is condescending," Jiang Ming said lightly,"I feel depressed, do I still have self-esteem? Lei

Chao was furious when he saw that Jiang Ming was refusing to go on the road despite all his talk, and shouted:"What do you want?" Jiang

Ming paused and whispered,"I want to find someone who is a good match. This is very important.""Jiang Ming really wanted to express his feelings at Chen Xin's house, but he felt that Lei Chaoqian would be angry to death if he said it at this time.

"People don’t dislike you, but you say they are bad. What do you mean?"Lei Chaoqian said in a low voice, trying to control his emotions.

At this time, the teachers all walked out and prepared to go home.

When Chen Keyan walked out, she heard the voices of fifth graders. When she listened carefully, she realized that Lei Chaoqian and Jiang He spoke clearly. So he quickened his pace and walked towards the fifth grade.

"She didn't look down on me, but the look in her family's eyes made me very reserved and uncomfortable."Jiang Ming said,"My whole body feels like it is tied up by something. You don't understand that feeling."

"That's because you have low self-esteem. If you think that way, then who's to blame?" Lei Chaoqian said

"In fact, I just want to eat and drink enough and live a normal life. Jiang Ming said,"To live the life I want, I don't want to rely on anyone.""

At this time, Chen Keyan had already walked to the door of the fifth grade classroom. When

Lei Chaoqian saw Chen Keyan, he stopped what he was about to say and greeted warmly,"Teacher Chen, you came just in time. You guys can chat, I have something else to do."

Chen Keyan didn't say anything. He saw that Jiang Ming was extremely angry.

Lei Chao patted Jiang Ming's shoulder and signaled him to leave.

When Chen Keyan saw Lei Chao leaving, he slowly asked:"What have you been busy with these days?"

When Jiang Ming met Chen Keyan, he still felt that Chen Keyan was superior. At this time, he missed the time with Chen Xin even more. Such time was free and a kind of happiness that he yearned for.

Jiang Chi replied in a low voice without thinking:"It's not like I'm busy with things in the factory."

When he said this, he remembered meeting Chen Kechun and Wang Jiafeng in the cinema, and he couldn't help but blush.

"That day, you were drunk and I knocked on the door. Why didn't you open the door?"Chen Keyan asked.

Jiang Ming didn't expect Chen Keyan to ask about that night. He turned to look out the classroom window. It was dark outside the window and he could only see the stars in the sky.

"talk."Chen Keyan urged

"I was drunk that day. I had never been so drunk before. I slept until dawn and didn't wake up until dawn."Jiang Ming said, he felt his heart pounding.

"Don't drink so much again. Chen Keyan said,"That night, I was so anxious that I wanted to kick open the door.""

Jiang Ming was shocked when he heard this, and thought to himself, it's a good thing you didn't kick the door open. If you had, the consequences would be very embarrassing.

"Come with me, I have something for you."Chen Keyan said and walked out. Jiang Ming breathed a sigh of relief. He was wondering if Chen Keyan didn't know what happened that night.

Chen Keyan opened the door to the bedroom and waited for Jiang Ming to go in.

Jiang Ming looked uneasy. , but he tried his best to show a calm look.

Chen Keyan's bedroom is not big, and can only accommodate a single bed and a desk. The ground is paved with wooden floors, and the walls and ceiling are wallpapered. It looks like Very high-end

"what do you drink?"Chen Keyan asked

"Plain water."Jiang Ming responded.

Chen Keyan poured Jiang Ming a cup of hot water and made a cup of coffee himself. The aroma of coffee soon wafted in the air.

Chen Keyan opened the drawer, took out a beautiful box, and opened it: a piece of sparkling gold appeared inside. A bright watch, a men's watch

"I originally wanted to give it to you. I wanted to wait until that day to give it to you, but now it seems that I can’t wait until that day."Chen Keyan said with certainty.

That tone made people sound very uncomfortable.

Jiang Ming closed his eyes, and he fell into a kind of pain, as if he was thinking about something.

Chen Keyan said again:"Put it on."

Jiang Ming opened his eyes, looked at Chen Keyan's eyes and attitude, and couldn't refuse. But he didn't want to get the watch. He thought that he would not accept such a gift anyway. Especially after what happened with Zeng Lanzhi, Also, now that he has met Chen Xin, he does not want to accept any gifts from Chen Keyan

"I just want to leave you a souvenir. Chen Keyan said calmly,"At any rate, we are better off.""

Jiang Ming looked at Chen Keyan in astonishment and was speechless.

Chen Keyan added:"When I bought it, I just wanted to give it to you. No matter what, I'll give it to you."

Jiang Ming suddenly felt as if Chen Keyan was about to leave. He suddenly felt that something in his heart was about to be lost.

"During this time, I thought over and over again, no matter what, we are still ordinary friends."Chen Keyan still said unhurriedly.

Jiang Ming's heart skipped a beat, but he soon regained his composure. He thought, maybe, this is the best ending.

Jiang Ming couldn't help but ask:"Do you want to use force? city?"

Chen Keyan smiled, but said:"I won't go to Wucheng, I will stay here."

Jiang Ming felt relieved, but he still didn't want to accept Chen Keyan, because he had Chen Xin in his heart. He could only accommodate one woman in his heart.

Chen Keyan put a watch on Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming put on the watch and felt His arms weighed a thousand kilograms. He blushed with embarrassment.

Chen Keyan took a sip of coffee and said,"Time is precious. I hope you will cherish our past relationship as much as you cherish time.""

When Jiang Ming heard Chen Keyan say this, he lowered his head even more ashamed and was speechless. He wanted to tell Chen Keyan that just today, he fell in love with another girl, but he did not have the courage to face Chen Keyan, let alone Say it

"In fact, you should have put it on long ago."Chen Keyan said lightly.

Jiang Ming felt like Sun Wukong wearing a tightening spell, and Chen Keyan in front of him was like reciting a spell. He felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

So, he desperately wanted to take off his watch, but he didn't dare Looking at Chen Keyan's eyes, he knew exactly what taking off his watch meant at this moment.

However, he still took off his watch and asked calmly:"How much did it cost?" Chen

Keyan laughed, paused, and then said:"Tell me, how much is the relationship between us worth?""

Jiang Ming couldn't answer and remained silent.

"You are a timid and fearful person," Chen Keyan said louder,"Don't you want to fight for your life?"

When Jiang Ming heard Chen Keyan say this, he felt as if he had been hit by an arrow and fell to the ground. He thought that he was just a mediocre person and had never thought about changing anything. Also, he always cared about his own face and cared about others. How to treat himself.

When he thought about this, he felt more and more that he was not only timid, but also ignorant and incompetent. He thought that he was not worthy of living with Chen Keyan. The reason why he accepted Chen Xin so straightforwardly was because Chen Xin was simple and not as good as Chen Keyan. A lot of care and thinking.

Also, he just wants to live a simple life without so many twists and turns.

"How much did it cost?"Jiang Ming asked. He still wanted to stick to his idea. Since Chen Keyan bought a watch as a gift for himself, the meaning he wanted to express was self-evident.

But at this time, in Jiang Ming's view, the watch had lost its original meaning. He just wanted to Exchange money for this watch. In other words, he doesn't want to feel guilty because of this watch. He wants to accept this watch with peace of mind.

"Why do you ask how much it cost?"Chen Keyan asked.

Jiang Ming understood from Chen Keyan's tone that Chen Keyan was angry. But Jiang Ming still said stubbornly:"How much?"

"Why do you need to know the price?"Chen Keyan's tone added a layer of meaning.

Jiang Ming suddenly felt something. His face turned red, as if on fire, but he still insisted:"I'll give you the money."

"Since you want to know, I'll tell you."Chen Keyan was greatly disappointed. She calmed down and said,"These two watches cost a total of 40,000."

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