Jiang Ming's marriage was very hasty. At Zeng Lanzhi's only request, the two went to the city to buy bedding and wedding clothes. Jiang Ming couldn't refuse, so he had to accompany Zeng Lanzhi, and it was just companionship. He was like a puppet, carrying a few plastic bags and following Zeng Lanzhi shopping.

The wedding day was approaching day by day. Jiang Ming thought about breaking off the engagement several times, but he didn't have the courage to say it out. In other words, he couldn't change what was about to happen. It was like sitting on a ship that couldn't stop, sailing towards a place he didn't want to get close to. pier.

Zeng Lanzhi's family is relatively wealthy. In addition to buying a complete set of furniture and bedding, they also bought a high-end stereo, a large color TV, a double-tub washing machine, a sewing machine, and even two bicycles. It was obviously arranged for each person to have one. Vehicles, as well as pots, bowls, chopsticks, spatulas, spoons, electronic lighters, gas tanks, etc., I bought everything I could think of.

Jiang Ming saw the house full of dowries, but he couldn't be happy. He truly realized that material wealth cannot give people spiritual happiness.

On the wedding day, not only the school teachers came to congratulate her, but even the village cadres came to drink the wedding wine. Many people in the village came to congratulate her.

The wedding was a bustle, but Jiang Ming was still not happy. He increasingly realized that such a marriage was a mistake, but in today's situation, he had to hide his inner unhappiness.

When Jiang Ming saw the teachers arriving, he felt mixed emotions. Especially when he saw Chen Keyan, he felt regretful.

Chen Keyan was hiding something, but one could feel the despair and indifference in her heart.

When Wang Jiafeng saw Zeng Lanzhi, she even looked disdainful. She secretly smiled with Chen Keyan and said,"That's all." When

Jiang Ming heard these four words, he was extremely angry, and he realized his mistake. , causing him to marry a woman who is not recognized by everyone.

Although he tried his best to hide his inner unhappiness, he still couldn't show a very happy look.

During the banquet, Jiang Ming still couldn't control his complicated emotions and wanted to drink. With the encouragement of the boys, Jiang Ming drank a few more glasses of wine without knowing it. He came to the teachers' banquet table again, toasted to the teachers, and drank with him. I drank until my head was numb, and I felt like I was drunk but not drunk. Even when I walked, I felt like my feet were deep and shallow.

At this time, he felt that he was not thinking about anything in his mind. This state was more comfortable. When he was not thinking about anything, nothing mattered.

After the teachers had eaten and drank enough, Lei Chaoqian and Li Xiaozhi took the lead in going to the new house to see the bride.

The teachers also followed into the bridal chamber.

When Zeng Lanzhi saw Li Xiaozhi, she immediately happily and enthusiastically invited him to sit down and drink tea.

When Chen Keyan saw Zeng Lanzhi, she couldn't help but shook her head. She had a complicated expression on her face and thought to herself: If she didn't delay and was not affected by her family, the person sitting in this position would be me. Also, Jiang Ming was looking for Can such a woman be happy throughout her life if she gets married?

When Zeng Lanzhi saw Chen Keyan, she was suddenly shocked: when she saw Chen Keyan's beautiful face, she felt ashamed. She couldn't help but shake her head gently, thinking that she shouldn't break up the relationship between Chen Keyan and Jiang Ming. The two of them are a well-matched couple.

Zeng Lanzhi then thought about it, now that the matter has come to this, what's the point of doing this anymore?

She couldn't think too much. She kept asking everyone to sit down and eat wedding candies, melon seeds and peanuts. She greeted the teachers enthusiastically, passing cigarettes and pouring brown sugar water.

Although Zeng Lanzhi put on makeup at this time, it was difficult to conceal the impact of pregnancy. Zeng Lanzhi looked tired and still smiled, but such a distorted face made people look even more sad and embarrassed.

Jiang Ming has seen comparisons between Chen Keyan and Zeng Lanzhi several times. They are two completely different faces: Chen Keyan's face is familiar and friendly, and he likes it very much in his heart. He also has a tacit understanding and happiness in life and work.

Zeng Lanzhi's face was pale and bloodless due to pregnancy reactions, and she looked tired from preparing the dowry on the eve of the wedding, which made people feel tired.

Jiang Ming couldn't bear the thought of living with such a person for the rest of his life. He felt like his heart was bleeding when he thought of this, but nothing could be changed or undone.

His heart tightened. She felt that she was not only sorry for Chen Keyan, but also sorry for herself. But the matter had reached this point, what else could she think or say?

Chen Keyan looked at Zeng Lanzhi from time to time, with different emotions showing on her face. She hated Zeng Lanzhi very much, and she also hated Jiang Ming. What she didn't understand was how it could be like this.

When she thought about this, she felt like she couldn't stay in the new house that should belong to her, as well as the school and everything here. She thought about it and decided to leave here, leave school, leave her hometown and go to Wucheng, go to a strange place and start a new life.

Chen Keyan asked to leave several times, and the teachers felt something, so they had to say goodbye to Zeng Lanzhi and Jiang Ming in a hurry.

Jiang Ming was in a complicated mood. He wanted to keep the teachers sitting for a while longer, but he couldn't keep himself in an embarrassing situation for a long time.

Jiang Ming sent the teachers out and followed them out of the village, not wanting to go back yet.

Principal Yan and Lei Chaoqian repeatedly urged Jiang Ming to go back early. They comforted Jiang Ming with each other:

"Today is the first day of marriage. No matter what, be happy. Now that you are married, live your life well."

"Yes, when you get married, you become a family. Family is the most important thing in everything."

"Huh, you actually want to marry a woman with such virtue," Chen Keyan said angrily,"Will you be happy in the future?"

Jiang Ming was silent, heartbroken, and showed disapproval in front of the teachers.

Although Jiang Ming thought that Chen Keyan should not say it in front of the teachers, he knew very well in his heart that this was an incident that should not be done. The marriage happened.

Chen Keyan continued to say angrily:"You can find someone more beautiful, that's fine. But that's it."

The teachers comforted Chen Keyan, but Chen Keyan had an indifferent attitude and still whispered something. Jiang

Ming immediately became furious, but in front of the teachers, he once again chose to swallow his anger. After all, Chen Keyan was his former love. There is nothing wrong with that.

Between Chen Keyan and Zeng Lanzhi: Talents are incomparable in appearance, academic qualifications and character are also incomparable, and even family finances are incomparable.

Jiang Ming thought about it, he He could only be angry with himself. Without the impulse that night, how could he have today's results?

Jiang Ming was extremely regretful and walked with his teachers. It would be better to say that the teachers, especially Chen Keyan, accompanied him. Jiang Ming felt at this time His body was just a shell, and his soul didn't know where to go.

Jiang Ming continued to see him off, and he followed the teachers for a long distance. He thought that this time he accompanied Chen Keyan for such a long distance, and there might not be anything like this in the future. Opportunity.

He walked with the teachers until there was only one person walking.

At this time, he felt extremely lonely and helpless. He continued to walk forward, but did not know where he was going.

In the lonely night sky, a The crescent moon was filled with stars.

As Jiang Ming walked, he looked up at the sky and couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief. He thought, this is the end of the matter, let's accept the reality. When he thought of this, he realized that he had walked more than ten miles alone. He couldn't help but smile bitterly. On his wedding night, he actually walked such a long distance alone. Jiang Ming did not go home, but walked aimlessly along the Jinghong Highway alone in the silent night, until he reached the place where he used to be. In middle school, I thought of my teachers and classmates again, and couldn't help but smile bitterly:

Life, is this life?

Zeng Lanzhi was alone in her new house. She waited around until Jiang Ming didn't come home, so she closed the door. Thinking that there were valuable jewelry and large gifts in the wedding room, he inserted the iron bolt and fell asleep with peace of mind. As

Jiang Ming walked along, and when he confirmed the fact that he was getting married, he thought that he still had an unborn child. He thought, everything is for the sake of the child.

When Jiang Ming thought of this, he turned around and walked home. When he walked home, the door of the hall was still open, the light bulbs in the room were on, and the table was clean and dry. It was clean and the floor had been swept.

Jiang Ming knocked on the door with his hand, but there was no sound inside. Zeng Lanzhi was indeed asleep at this time.

Jiang Ming was a little angry and knocked on the door with his fist, but there was still no response.

"Zeng Lanzhi, Zeng Lanzhi."Jiang Ming yelled.

Zeng Lanzhi was awakened by Jiang Ming's shout, and was very annoyed. She thought, where were you on this wedding night? Did you send Chen Keyan away? Zeng Lanzhi hated Jiang Ming very much. Now that you are married, why do you still have that attitude?

When Jiang Ming saw Zeng Lanzhi not opening the door, he kicked the door open with his foot in anger.

Zeng Lanzhi was shocked. She just wanted to punish Jiang slightly by not opening the door. Ming, let Jiang Ming understand that she is married. Who knew Jiang Ming was so rude, she thought, is he still a teacher? Thinking of this, she realized that her marriage was wrong. She was a little disappointed, as if nothing had happened Lying down, pretending to be asleep.

Jiang Ming took off his shoes, washed his feet in a hurry, and fell asleep on the sofa with a quilt.

Zeng Lanzhi started to cry.

"What's the matter?"Jiang Ming asked impatiently

"At that time, you didn't agree, and I didn't force you. However, now that we are married, how will you live in the future with your attitude?"Zeng Lanzhi is still crying.

"Only now do I realize that I shouldn’t get married."Jiang Ming said unabashedly,"I really shouldn't have agreed to marry you."

Zeng Lanzhi sat up and started to put on clothes.

Jiang Ming was shocked and immediately understood that Zeng Lanzhi was going back to her parents' home. Isn't this a big joke? Who would go back to her parents' home on their wedding night? Anyway, this is We couldn't let Zeng Lanzhi go home in the middle of the night. So, Jiang Ming hugged Zeng Lanzhi tightly. Zeng Lanzhi broke away several times, but was unable to break away, so he had to lie down again. Jiang Ming was afraid that Zeng Lanzhi would get up again, so he had to Sleeping on the bed.

The two of them were silent all night, both crying silently.

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