Jiang Ming returned to his dormitory after working late at night. He felt irritable just thinking about going home. He might as well be alone in the dormitory.

"Boom, boom, boom."There was a knock on the door outside the bedroom.

"Who?"Jiang Ming shouted impatiently.

There was no response from outside, and there was still knocking on the door.

Jiang Ming felt something was wrong and quickly went to open the door: Zeng Lanzhi stood at the door with an angry look on his face.

"What are you here for?"Jiang Ming shouted impatiently.

Zeng Lanzhi ignored Jiang Ming and rushed into the dormitory.

This was the dormitory where she and Jiang Ming spent that night, and there was no change in the layout.

There was only one bed in the dormitory. A desk and a chair, apart from some books, were just two boxes of chalk.

Jiang Ming looked at Zeng Lanzhi's expression and shouted again:"What are you looking for? Zeng

Lanzhi didn't look at anyone else in the dormitory and asked in a low voice,"Why don't you go home?""

Jiang Ming didn't speak and looked motionless.

"do you know? I'm scared to be alone at home."Zeng Lanzhi shouted.

Jiang Ming was startled, but soon regained his composure, looking leisurely and content.

"Will you come back or not?"Zeng Lanzhi shouted again

"No return."Jiang Ming replied in a low voice.

"If you don’t reply, I won’t leave."Zeng Lanzhi's mood was about to collapse.

Jiang Ming shook his head. He rushed out of the dormitory helplessly and walked towards the school gate. Zeng Lanzhi's almost desperate voice came from behind:"Come back!"

Jiang Ming didn't look back. He walked out of the school gate and walked towards the fields.

Hearing Zeng Lanzhi's cry, Li Xiaozhi immediately went to Jiang Ming's dormitory to comfort Zeng Lanzhi.

When Zeng Lanzhi saw Li Xiaozhi, Shaking his head, still looking desperate

"Stop blowing the tire."Li Xiaozhi took Zeng Lanzhi and left the dormitory.

Jiang Ming walked to the quiet field alone. As he walked, he remembered the several times he had walked with Chen Keyan: tears flowed out. He continued As he walked forward, he gradually saw a dark figure in the distance.

Jiang Ming stopped and found that it was Chen Keyan, and immediately walked forward quickly

"Now that you are married, live a good life."Chen Keyan said,"Don't make the same mistake again and again."

"How can she live a good life like that? Jiang Ming yelled helplessly,"I feel upset when I see her.""

"Then why were you impulsive in the first place? This is the punishment for impulsiveness."Chen Keyan said with a wry smile.

"Are you making fun of me like this?"Jiang Ming said with great confusion.

"I'm going to Yangcheng"

"You didn't say you were going to Wucheng, why did you change your mind?"

"Go to Yangcheng and develop rapidly"

"Go find Lei Chaoqian?"


"So you are?"

"I want to change the environment"

"I think the school environment is very suitable for you"

"It used to be, but it's not now."

Jiang Ming was speechless after hearing this. Yes, all the mistakes were made by himself.

"Let me go, you stay in school."Jiang Ming said,"Men should go out and have a try."

"You are not suitable for development outside."Chen Keyan said

"Why?"Jiang Ming asked

"Those people running outside are all very funny people," Chen Keyan shook her head and said,"You should be honest and teach in school."

"I want to explore the outside world."Jiang Ming said,"If possible, I hope to follow in your footsteps."

Chen Keyan glanced at Jiang Ming affectionately, but said with a smile:"You should take good care of your wife and children."

"After the baby is born, I will go to Yangcheng."Jiang Ming said in a harsh tone,"When the time comes, let my mother take care of the child."

"What are you doing in Yangcheng?"

"Work part time."Jiang Ming said,"Even if I don't want to leave the school, in a few years the number of students will decrease, and I will be forced to leave the school by then."

Jiang Ming thought of Lei Chaoqian and Li Xiaozhi, who were both thinking about going to Yangcheng. They wanted to leave school more and more to find another job and life outside.

Li Xiaozhi felt a stomachache when she got up in the morning. She didn't care, eating. When I was getting ready to go to work after breakfast, the pain was severe.

Lei Chaoqian was a little nervous, so he went to find He Erying.

He Erying said quickly:"Are you going to give birth? Send him to the hospital quickly. Lei

Chao nodded vigorously and hurried back to the dormitory. He saw Li Xiaozhi lying on the bed and screaming, without mentioning going to the hospital.

Li Xiaozhi asked,"What do you mean?"

Lei Chaoqian just smiled and said,"She said she was going to give birth."

Li Xiaozhi immediately became nervous and shouted:"Hurry, take me to the hospital quickly.""

Lei Chaoqian didn't speak, he just patted his pockets all over his body. This action could not be more clear, that is, he didn't have money to go to the hospital.

Tears flowed from the corners of Li Xiaozhi's eyes and he stopped talking.

"After giving birth to a child, I went to Yangcheng."Lei Chaoqian seemed to be crying and shouting.

At this time, He Erying hurried over and asked:"Why, why don't you go to the hospital?

Li Xiaozhi couldn't say it directly, so he asked:"Go and ask for the barefoot doctor." Lei

Chaoqian then remembered and hurriedly walked out of the dormitory to ask Chen Huiying, the barefoot doctor in the village. Chen Huiying was a chronic patient. After listening to Lei Chaoqian's story, she said unhurriedly:"It's still early. You go back first and then go back." Pick me up in a few hours."

Although Lei Chaoqian was worried about Li Xiaozhi, seeing Chen Huiying's confident look, he had to rush back to school alone. As soon as he walked into the school gate, he heard Li Xiaozhi shouting loudly and softly.

The teachers heard Li Xiaozhi's He shouted and laughed sheepishly.

Jiang Ming thought that Zeng Lanzhi would give birth to a baby in a few months, and felt a pity in his heart. After school, he hurried back home and saw Zeng Lanzhi eating alone. Dry instant noodles.

He felt that he had neglected Zeng Lanzhi in many aspects. As a husband, he had done too little for his wife.

Jiang Ming didn't say anything. He boiled a pot of water and poured it into the footbath. , took off Zeng Lanzhi's shoes and put Zeng Lanzhi's feet into the footbath.

After washing his feet, Jiang Ming helped Zeng Lanzhi go to bed to rest, and Zeng Lanzhi fell asleep soon.

Jiang Ming lay on the bed reading a book , thinking about something.

About an hour later, Jiang Ming really didn't want to stay at home. When he saw Zeng Lanzhi sleeping, he quietly got up and dressed, walked out of the house, and walked to school.

Chen Huiying was already here When she got to the dormitory, she looked at Li Xiaozhi from time to time, and said something to Lei Chaoqian from time to time.

"No need to go to the hospital?"Lei Chaoqian asked cautiously.

"It is a normal thing for a daughter to give birth to a baby."Chen Huiying said seriously,"Don't worry."

Lei Chaoqian felt more relaxed after hearing what Chen Huiying said. He walked out of the dormitory and saw Jiang Mingzheng walking over.

"What are you here for? Lei Chaoqian asked in a reproachful tone.

Jiang Ming couldn't explain the reason, so he asked with a smile:"Is Li Xiaozhi going to give birth soon?"

Lei Chaoqian whispered:"It's been more than ten hours.""

Jiang Ming said quickly:"Why don't you send me to the hospital?"

Lei Chaoqian suddenly stopped talking.

Jiang Ming couldn't say anything.

"Lei Chaoqian, come quickly."Chen Huiying shouted in the dormitory.

Lei Chaoqian rushed into the dormitory, and Chen Huiying asked Lei Chaoqian to close the bedroom door.

Li Xiaozhi's shouts came one after another.

Jiang Ming thought of Zeng Lanzhi again. He thought that when Zeng Lanzhi gave birth to a child, Let's go to the hospital.

When Jiang Ming returned to the dormitory, he thought of Zeng Lanzhi again. After all, he was married now, so he shouldn't treat her like this. It was awkward when the two of them were together. There was a sound in the dormitory. Hearing the baby's cry, Jiang quickly opened the door. He walked out of the dormitory and came to the door of Lei Chaoqian's dormitory. The door of the dormitory was still closed.

Lei Chaoqian couldn't help but take over the newborn child, and couldn't help but shed tears..The newborn child was wrapped in a bath towel and wrapped in Li Xiaozhi's jacket.

Li Xiaozhi was sweating profusely. She closed her eyes to rest, but there were still tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Lei Chaoqian, is he a boy or a girl?"Jiang Ming asked loudly outside the bedroom.

"Girl."Lei Chao responded with a hoarse voice.

Jiang Ming smiled. He felt the voice of a new father in Lei Chaoqian's shout. He thought, Lei Chao was leaving school not long ago. The teaching job that he loved so much, It's going to end so soon

"what's your name?"Jiang Ming shouted again.

The bedroom door opened. Chen Huiying walked out slowly.

"Lei Yanyan."Lei Chaoqian shouted

"Yanyan?"Jiang Ming felt something was wrong. He thought of another name: Chen Keyan. His nickname was Yanyan. Could it be Lei Chaoqian's intention?

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