Jiang Ming waited for Lei Chaoqian and asked,"Can't you be tougher? Why are you afraid of your wife before you get married?"

Lei Chaoqian smiled, patted Jiang Ming on the shoulder, and whispered:"When you get there, You'll know."

Jiang Ming was still smiling, thinking, I can never be afraid of my wife.

"You still remember Lei Chaoqing, he worked part-time in Yangcheng, earning three to four hundred a month. Lei Chaoqian said,"I'm going to find him.""

Jiang Ming nodded, of course he remembered Lei Chaoqi. Lei Chaoqian's family was poor at that time, he was dressed in rags, he had the worst grades in the class, and he was also the naughtiest.

Lei Chaoqian looked at his watch again and shouted:"Hey Hey, it's already eleven o'clock. let's go."

Lei Chaoqian pulled Jiang Ming, and the two of them quickly walked out of the classroom and came to the dormitory where they were playing mahjong.

When Jiang Ming saw Chen Keyan, he smiled and asked:"How is it?

Principal Yan said with a smile:"Teacher Chen is lucky.""

Chen Keyan smiled slightly and said nothing.

Principal Yan said again:"Jiang Ming, are you going to buy supper?"

Jiang Ming quickly took out money from his pocket. He felt that there were only two banknotes in his pocket. He thought, with so many people, twenty yuan is not enough to buy a midnight snack?

Chen Keyan felt something, and she quickly searched for it from her pocket. He took out a few ten-dollar notes and handed them to Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming looked at the money handed over by Chen Keyan and was embarrassed to accept it.

Zeng Lanzhi looked at Lei Chaoqian, then at Jiang Ming, and said,"Lei Chaoqian, you Come and help me play mahjong while I take Jiang Ming to the street to buy midnight snacks. Jiang

Ming didn't want to go with Zeng Lanzhi, so he quickly said:"You tell me the location, Jiang Ming and I will go buy it together." Li

Xiaozhi glared at Lei Chaoqian,"Zeng Lanzhi asked you to help her play cards, didn't you hear it?""

Lei Chaoqian said nothing, and quickly sat down at Zeng Lanzhi's seat and started playing mahjong.

Li Xiaozhi then smiled and said,"Jiang Ming, you and Zeng Lanzhi know that there is a family that has very delicious late-night snacks. Let her take you there. Bar."

What else did Jiang Ming want to say?

Lei Chaoqian forced a smile and said quickly:"Jiang Ming, you and Zeng Lanzhi go shopping on the street together."

Li Xiaozhi smiled strangely.

When Jiang Ming heard what Lei Chaoqian said, he looked at Chen Keyan. Chen Keyan was motionless as if he hadn't heard the words just now.

Zeng Lanzhi walked out of the dormitory first. Jiang Ming had no choice but to follow Zeng Lan. Zhi walked out of the dormitory with a helpless look. He thought he didn't have much money in his hand, how could he buy it?

"Just wait for me, I'll go home."Jiang Ming said embarrassedly. He wanted to go home and ask someone to borrow money.

"I have money in my hand. Zeng Lanzhi immediately said with a smile.

Jiang Ming remained silent. He thought that even if he went home, he would not know who he could meet to borrow money.

"I am collecting eggs at home. Can you help me make some light bulbs with high wattage? Zeng Lanzhi asked.

When Jiang Ming heard that Zeng Lanzhi asked for a light bulb with a large wattage, he suddenly became interested and asked:"How many watts do you want?""

"200 watts."Zeng Lanzhi felt that Jiang Ming could do it and said happily.

Jiang Ming heard what Zeng Lanzhi said. Although he felt that such a light bulb was unlikely to be made, as a person who makes light bulbs, he should try it.. Thinking of this, he wanted to wait until he went to work tomorrow to discuss it with someone, so he said:"I will answer you tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.""

"OK, then I'll thank you first. Zeng Lanzhi said very happily,"If you want to wear leather shoes from our shoe factory, I will make a pair for you.""

Jiang Ming nodded. Many colleagues in the workshop often mentioned the shoe factory. Several colleagues also made friends with female employees in the shoe factory and wore leather shoes made by their girlfriends. Although the style is a bit old-fashioned, they are very durable.

Two people rode a bicycle to the street, which was deserted.

Zeng Lanzhi asked Jiang Ming to ride around into a small alley, and saw a store with a light on in front.

"arrive."Zeng Lanzhi shouted. Jiang Ming quickly stopped the car. Zeng Lanzhi jumped out of the car and walked to the door of the inconspicuous shop.

Jiang Ming pushed the cart to the shop. Zeng Lanzhi had already After weighing the pig's feet, chicken feet, and screws,

Zeng Lanzhi immediately paid, took a pack of toothpicks, and then said to Jiang Ming with a smile while carrying the heavy plastic bag:"Let's go."

Jiang Ming said with an extremely embarrassed look:"How much is it? I'll pay it back to you next time.""

"What to say? Who pays is different."Zeng Lanzhi said openly.

Although Jiang Ming didn't like such a girl very much, but after such a brief contact with Zeng Lanzhi, he felt that Zeng Lanzhi was generous and honest in his words and actions.

Jiang Ming asked jokingly:"Your shoe factory , can you order leather shoes?"

"sure. Zeng Lanzhi quickly asked,"What size do you wear?"

Jiang Ming quickly explained:"No, no, I'll just ask.""Jiang Ming said, and then remembered that Zeng Lanzhi asked him to make a 200-watt light bulb.

Jiang Ming thought about it, and rode his bicycle hard. The bicycle was speeding forward in the dark night, with the whistling wind in his ears.

He thought I had an old bicycle, so I thought, when will I buy a new one?

Soon, the two of them arrived at the school. Zeng Lanzhi asked Jiang Ming to carry the plastic bag and said,"You go in first, I Lock the car."

Jiang Ming responded and strode into the dormitory carrying the plastic bag.

When Li Xiaozhi saw such a big bag, he shouted:"Ah, I bought so much.""With that said, he untied the plastic bag.

When the teachers saw the pig's feet and chicken feet in the plastic bag, they took them and ate them without any courtesy.

Chen Keyan picked up the money on the table and stuffed it into Jiang Ming's pocket. Jiang Ming embarrassedly stopped it with his hand and said quickly:"Take it.""

"Come play cards and I'll teach you."Chen Keyan stood up and asked Jiang Ming to sit down.

In order not to delay playing cards, Jiang Ming had to sit down obediently.

"Cousin, you can eat it."Li Xiaozhi shouted to Zeng Lanzhi enthusiastically.

Zeng Lanzhi then picked up a chicken foot and walked behind Lei Chaoqian. While eating, he quietly watched Jiang Ming play cards.

Everyone was eating supper and playing cards..

At two o'clock in the morning, everyone felt a little tired, so they finished playing mahjong.

Li Xiaozhi winked at Lei Chaoqian, and Lei Chaoqian quickly said:"How about Jiang Ming gives Zeng Lanzhi some more?""

Jiang Ming looked at Chen Keyan, smiled deliberately and said,"I want to send Chen Keyan away. Zeng

Lanzhi then said loudly:"It's okay. I often work overtime and come home in the middle of the night. Besides, who on the street don't I recognize?" Li Xiaozhi then said:"

Then you should pay attention."

Jiang Ming looked at Chen Keyan and said with a smile,"I'll give it to you." Chen

Keyan said deliberately:"I don't need you to send me off. You should go home and rest early."

Wang Jiafeng smiled at Chen Weiguo and Lei Shifang and asked,"When I go back, which of you will see me off?"

But Chen Keyan said:"Shall I take Teacher Wang home first?""

So, Chen Keyan, Wang Jiafeng, Chen Weiguo and Lei Shifang walked forward together.

Teacher Yan quickly urged Jiang Ming,"You should go too."

When Jiang Ming heard what Teacher Yan said, he understood and followed the four teachers forward.

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