"It would be great if you said it before getting married. Wang Jiafeng said with a smile.

When Jiang Ming heard such words, he lowered his head instantly and stopped thinking about illusory things.

Wang Jiafeng said,"Of course, it's not too late for you to say it now.""

Jiang Ming was very angry in his heart, and he ignored Wang Jiafeng.

After school, he went to the kindergarten class to pick up the children.

When the kindergarten teacher saw Jiang Ming, he asked Jiang Ming:"Why don't you see her mother?

Jiang Ming said bluntly:"Her mother works in Yangcheng.""

"It's not easy for you to be both a father and a mother at the same time. Jiang

Ming smiled. He remembered that the kindergarten teacher was named Bai Sumei, so he smiled and said,"Xiao Bai, do you have any difficulties working here?" Bai

Sumei smiled and said,"It's okay at work, but I don't have a dormitory. I have to get up early every morning and go back after school.""

"How far is your home from here?"Jiang Ming asked

"More than ten miles."Bai Sumei said.

When Jiang Ming heard that it was more than ten miles away, he thought to himself, this is too far. It is really not easy to travel back and forth every day. He first thought of arranging a dormitory for Bai Sumei, but when he thought that the school had no dormitories, what he wanted to say was, He swallowed it all at once.

He held his daughter's hand and walked home. On the way, he thought of letting Bai Sumei stay in Wang Jiafeng's dormitory. Wang Jiafeng didn't live in the dormitory at all.

So, when he was working in the evening, Jiang Ming looked at the Wang family opposite Feng thought for a while and said,"Teacher Wang, I want to discuss something with you."

Wang Jiafeng was misunderstood by Jiang Ming during the day. At this time, she stopped joking

"whats the matter?"Wang Jiafeng asked

"I want Bai Sumei to stay in your dormitory," Jiang Ming said with a smile,"Anyway, you won't stay there at night.

Wang Jiafeng was shocked and said,"Why don't you give your dormitory to Bai Sumei?" Anyway, you won’t stay there at night."

Jiang Ming nodded. Thinking about it, why didn't he think of this?

"Okay, I'll tell Teacher Bai tomorrow and he'll stay in my dormitory."Jiang Ming said

"Then where will you rest at noon?"Wang Jiafeng asked

"I rarely take a break at noon," Jiang Ming said with a smile,"I'm used to it now."

"Isn't her mother coming back?"Wang Jiafeng asked

"If you don't come back, don't come back," Jiang Ming said helplessly,"I'm used to it."

"Therefore, marriage must be cautious."Wang Jiafeng said,"I would rather get married late than get married wrongly."

Jiang Ming shook his head. To Wang Jiafeng, she was already an old girl, but no one around her reminded her.

"Aren't you in a hurry?"Jiang Ming asked. He wanted to remind Wang Jiafeng emphatically so that his words would not be so embarrassing.

"Chen Keyan is not even married, so why should I be anxious?"Wang Jiafeng said

"That was in the city. If you were twenty-seven or eighty-years-old, you wouldn't get married and no one would gossip."Jiang Ming said,"Don't choose, it's almost settled."

When the teachers heard this, most of them advised Wang Jiafeng not to wait any longer and find someone to get married quickly.

At this time, a girl walked in at the door of the office.

Wang Jiafeng was stunned and asked:"Who are you looking for?"

The girl ignored Wang Jiafeng and walked directly towards Chen Weiguo.

When Chen Weiguo saw the girl walking in, his face turned red with embarrassment.

"who is this?"A teacher looked at Chen Weiguo and asked

"My girlfriend. Chen Weiguo said with a smile, and then whispered to the girl,"Come here, why don't you knock on the door? You always like to make surprise attacks.""

The girl glanced around the office. Her eyes rested on the two female teachers, and finally only stayed on Wang Jiafeng. Wang

Jiafeng lowered his head and did not look at the girl.

Chen Weiguo pulled the girl out of the office, and the two of them pulled her outside the office. Pulling and pulling.

Jiang Ming asked in a low voice:"You guys, is this?""

Wang Jiafeng whispered:"His girlfriend always doubts me and Chen Weiguo."

"Therefore, you should stop instructing Chen Weiguo to do things in the future."Jiang Ming said

"Did I arrange it? He took the initiative, okay."Wang Jiafeng defended,"You also know that he always likes to be attentive."

"These are all habits you have developed. When you first come to school, I listen to you," Jiang Ming said."Also, don't invite him to drink your sugar tea in the future."

Wang Jiafeng said:"Every time you are the one who clamors to go, but I don't agree, and you also say that I am stingy."

"Okay, let’s not talk about it."Jiang Ming said as he walked out of the office.

Chen Weiguo saw Jiang Ming coming and let go of his girlfriend's hand.

"What's your girlfriend's name?"Jiang Ming asked

"Wang Jun."Chen Weiguo said

"Teacher Chen, go ahead and do your work. I’ll talk to Principal Yan later."Jiang Ming said.

Wang Jun didn't say anything, nor did he look at Jiang Ming.

Chen Weiguo said,"Thank you," and took Wang Jun away."

Jiang Ming walked into the office and said to Wang Jiafeng:"From now on, don't command Chen Weiguo, he is an honest man."

"From now on, I will give you orders, will you listen?"Wang Jiafeng asked

"What do you think of things like that?"Jiang Ming said that he carefully corrected his homework and spoke without delaying his work.

"Now, I find that the grades of my classmates have improved greatly. Jiang Ming said confidently

"Can your graduating class be ranked first in the township?"Wang Jiafeng asked

"First, it is unlikely, and second, it is a sure win."Jiang Ming said with a smile.

When Principal Yan heard this, he said loudly:"As long as you get first place, I will reward you as the head teacher 200 yuan, and the substitute teacher 150 yuan.

Wang Jiafeng said with a smile:"I am still the dean of students. Do I need to be rewarded for this?""

The teachers booed and said they should be rewarded.

Principal Yan stopped talking. He stared at the newspaper in his hand and read it carefully, and then read out loud unconsciously:

"In order to store water and generate electricity, the scenery in the water storage area is being rescued and excavated... We hope that all travel enthusiasts will come to the tourist area to take photos as soon as possible."Principal Yan finished reading in one breath, put down the newspaper, and fell into deep thought.

Seeing Principal Yan's expression, the teachers gathered around and asked loudly:

"What's the matter?"

"Where to store water?"

"What places of interest?"

"If you don't go see it, you won't have a chance."Principal Yan sighed.

When Jiang Ming saw Principal Yan sighing like this, he said,"Just go."

"Where is the money to go?"Principal Yan asked back.

Jiang Ming thought about the issue of school uniforms, and he suggested:"Now all schools are engaged in uniforms, and our school is also engaged in uniforms."

When Principal Yan heard this, he thought that he was now concerned about the issue of flooding the scenic spot, so why did he get involved in school uniforms? He asked:"What is the connection between school uniforms and tourism? Jiang

Ming said calmly:"Don't you want to see the scenery?" We are doing school uniforms this time because we want to generate some money through school uniforms."

When the teachers heard this, most of them became interested and asked:

"What to do?"

"Say it"

"We first negotiate a price with the garment factory," Jiang Ming said,"and then tell the garment factory that a garment factory contacted us and what the price was. If you can lower the price a little, we can cooperate."

When the teachers heard this statement, they all gave a thumbs up:

"High, really high"

"Just do it."

Principal Yan nodded slightly. He thought this was feasible.

"There are 260 schools in the school. Excluding three classmates from the teacher's family, there are 257 sets of school uniforms. Also, for the students in school who are particularly in need, don’t urge them to pay. Just tell them and we’ll let it go." Jiang Ming said in a low voice,"A set of school uniforms will be reduced by ten yuan, which is more than two thousand yuan, which should be enough for us. go ahead"

"Don't tell anyone about this."Principal Yan emphasized.

The teachers all worked silently, covering their mouths and laughing.

Wang Jiafeng even reached out and punched Jiang Ming, and said with a smile:"How did you think of this?"

Jiang Ming said seriously:"Students in the city have already put on school uniforms. In this way, students do not compare."

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